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At Novey Law Firm, we understand your condition when punished or penalized under minor or major charges. With an experienced attorney by your side in the local courts of Virginia, you don't have to worry about protection of your rights or redemption of penalties. From personal injury claims to contesting criminal cases, Novey Law Firm has you covered.
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Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Why should you hire Steven B. Novey over any other attorney?

Novey Law Firm is dedicated to the defense of criminal and traffic offenses in Southside Virginia. 
Steven Novey was born and raised in Emporia, (Greensville County) Virginia, and attended and graduated from the public school system in Greensville County. He has also served as a part-time assistant prosecutor in Greensville County and Emporia.
Each case is handled with individual attention and you can rest easy knowing that your driving privileges, driving records, and insurance premiums are of utmost importance. The outcome of your case is always the focus. All calls are welcome and you'll never be charged for consultations. Your case will be handled in a personal and professional manner so you get the best result possible. Our law firm does not engage in the practice of mass mailings to solicit business. Each client gets personalized, professional services and thorough legal representation.

What type of payment does the firm accept?

Novey Law Firm accepts personal checks, money orders, cash, and MasterCard and Visa (including debit cards).

If you hire this firm to represent you on a traffic violation, will you be required to appear in the court?

If you are charged with speeding or reckless driving, where the speed is not too excessive, usually you will not need to appear.

What documents do you have to send in order to represent you on a typical traffic matter?

Normally, a copy of the summons (ticket) you received, a copy of your driving record from your home state, and a form of payment.

Should you get your vehicle's speedometer calibrated? Would that help your case?

If you believe that your speedometer may not have been working accurately at the time you were cited for speeding, you may want to take your vehicle to a mechanic who has the equipment to perform a calibration. This should be done as soon as possible after receiving the charge. The calibration report should be notarized.
If the test reveals that your speedometer is reading below the actual speed your car is traveling, then we may be able to use that document to get your charge reduced to a non-moving violation called “defective equipment.”

If you hire Novey Law Firm, will you be required to pay court costs and any fines imposed?

Yes. Court costs are usually assessed against every person convicted of any infraction, even if the charge is reduced. The court also can and often does assess fines, even if the charge is reduced to a non-moving violation.

What type of payment for fines and costs does the court accept?

Courts in Virginia will accept cash, personal checks, and most credit cards (over the phone). However, mailing a cash payment is never a good idea.

How long do you have to pay your court costs and fines, and where should you send your payment?

You will have 30 days from the date of the conviction to pay your court costs and fines, if any, to the court. After appearing in court on your behalf, you will immediately be mailed a result letter advising you of the results, fines and court costs, the total amount owed, the date it is due, and where to send your payment.
It is recommended that you keep a copy (or the original) of your summons (ticket) you received from the officer so that you can enclose the summons with your payment to ensure you are credited with the payment.
If you are convicted in Virginia, will that conviction be reported to your home state?

As Virginia has reciprocity with most states, normally any conviction in Virginia will be reported to your home state’s division of motor vehicles and will eventually be reflected on your home state’s driving record. Hence, demerit points will be assessed against you as if you received the conviction in your home state.
Will a conviction in Virginia affect your automobile insurance?

See above answer. As most insurance companies base insurance on risks and categorize those drivers who receive moving violations as higher risks, each moving violation can have a negative impact on your insurance premiums. Normally, the more moving violations, the higher the premiums a driver would pay.

What will happen if the officer advises you to avoid coming to court if you sign the summons and mail the prepaid fine and cost to the court, and you follow his advice?

By signing the summons and mailing in the prepayable fines and costs to the court, you are pleading guilty to the original charge and will be found guilty. Your case will not be considered by the judge.

In addition to traffic defense, what other types of cases does Novey Law Firm handle?

All traffic and criminal defense cases are accepted and clients charged with all types of crimes on a daily basis are represented.
Steven B. Novey has represented thousands of clients charged with various crimes that range from capital murder to driving on a suspended license. He has successfully represented clients charged with murder, malicious wounding, robbery, larceny, rape, forgery and uttering, bad checks, driving under the influence, habitual offender, eluding the police, and obstruction of justice, to name a few.
FREE consultations, both by telephone and in the office, are available.
Please be advised and understand that Novey Law Firm does not and cannot guarantee any particular results, as the outcome of each case will depend on numerous case specific factors. Nothing in these answers are meant to suggest a particular outcome
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Steven B. Novey has 22 years of experience and specializes in criminal defense and traffic violation cases.
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