Relief From Penalties Under DUI Charges

Protect Your Driving Rights When Charged With DUI

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the more serious traffic charges you can face, and the results of a conviction can go beyond paying some fines and court costs. You could end up losing your license and sitting in a prison cell. Defend yourself with dedicated representation from Novey Law Firm.

Steven B. Novey is your best choice for representation in DUI cases. The firm devotes a substantial portion of its practice to traffic law in Southside Virginia. You're putting years of local background and experience on your side! Get in touch to schedule an appointment.

Redemption in DUI Cases

When you face DUI charges, it's possible to reduce the penalty amount and to avoid losing your driving privileges. You need an experienced attorney to get the results you desire.

Make Novey Law Firm your shield when facing serious threats to your rights and freedom including personal injury claims after an accident.

Avoid Major Consequences on Minor Traffic Charges

If you face less serious traffic charges, such as speeding or failure to obey a traffic signal, you can still face penalties that will affect your pocketbook and driving privileges.
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